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Members are asked to judge one show a year, so the burden doesn’t fall on a handful of members month after month. You can take both Halter and Performance, or just one or the other.  Please step up and volunteer; remember, part of the fun of showing in a club is taking a turn at it just for the pleasure of judging all the lovely models.

Rule No. #1 for judges: no photo may be DQd (disqualified)- EVER. This club was created for members to have fun and newcomers to learn with minimal stress and drama.  We all get enough of that at work and home.  If you feel a model is in the wrong class or don’t like it for whatever reason? don’t place it and just move on.

Rule No. #2 for everyone: you may move or delete only your own photos.  You may not change, edit, delete or move another member’s photos for any reason.  And this needs to be said: you may not copy or ‘borrow’ someone else’s photos for any purpose whatsoever.  Ever.

Judges should be able to handle one division in an hour or so; nobody judges an entire show at one sitting.  The classlist has logical divisions, so it’s easy to know where you left off.  When you click on a class, below the class header you will see the blue tab “Thumbnails” which shows all the photos in small size.  If you click on the next tab, ‘Roll’, it will bring up all the photos in one long rolling scroll where you don’t have to keep clicking to the next photo. 

If for some reason your computer doesn’t want to play nice with Fotki, you can also click on Slideshow and that will bring all photos up also.  Clicking on "Show All" is also useful to see all the photos on one page, at one time.

A show template, ready to be copied to your computer and filled in, is provided below.  It’s easiest to have the template to one side with your show to the other side and both windows at half page, going back & forth.  Some judges like to copy & paste, others prefer to just type in the info.  If you want, you can copy your favorite 15 or so in a class to an empty folder provided for that purpose, "Temporary for Judge" at the bottom/end of the Performance Division for final placings.  Just be sure you are using 'COPY", not move.  When done, select all and delete, making sure you are actually in that folder, "Temporary for Judge".  For smaller classes it's not necessary, but for the larger classes, it's very useful.

Show results are the standard ‘To 10 places’ and if you wish, HM (Honorable Mention).  If you want to list 20 HMs, go for it, although that’s pretty unusual.  Champions are determined by judge-off.

Judges may split classes if desired, such as Breyer split by “Trad” and “Other Size”; or classes labeled Stone/Other Make could be split into Stone AND Other Make.  Again, this is at the judge’s discretion – if you have time, that’s great.  If you don’t want to, that’s fine too.  However, classes may not be combined.  If some classes are consistently under-utilized over time, the classlist will be adjusted.  As long as you follow the basic class structure, judge however you wish.  And, for show results, it's not necessary to note how many models in each class, unless you want to just enter the total number of photos listed; dont worry about subtracting your own.

Good judging is going by good conformation, appropriateness with standards for the breed selected, good photo quality and plain old eye appeal.  However, this is knowledge developed over time; if you are new to judging and kinda afraid to try, you gotta start somewhere and this is the right place. The Fun Shows are a wonderful place to begin. Just give it your best try, think about breed standards and pick what looks good.  And just a reminder to all members, this is not 'life or death' here – we like to show our models and have fun with it, and that is the basic premise of OFAM.  Judges are not allowed to make critical or snarky comments.  However, kind or generous remarks in show results are always welcome.  If someone asks for suggestions, please make sure your remarks are articulate, well thought-out and helpful - OFAM is based on welcoming newcomers to the hobby to have fun and learn in a friendly environment, as well as providing a fun place for veterans.

And here’s Rule #3 for everyone:  please follow the Golden Rule.

Members who ignore Rule #3 and are disrespectful or start drama will find their membership cancelled.  OFAM is very serious about this.  That has no place here and will not be tolerated.

Show template to copy and paste to your Word document:

OFAM MONTHLY SHOW:  (Month, Judge name)


Arab, Breyer:  

Arab, Stone:

Arab, Other Make/China:

Part Arab, Breyer:

Part Arab, Stone: 

Part Arab, Other Make/China:

Morgan/Morab, Breyer:

Morgan/Morab, Stone:

Morgan/Morab, Other Make/China:

Other Light, Breyer:

Other Light, Stone/Other Make/China: 

Light Breed Breyer Champion: 

Light Breed Breyer Reserve:

Light Breed Stone Champion:

Light Breed Stone Reserve:

Light Breed Other Make/China Ch:

Light Breed Other Make/China Reserve: 

ASB, Breyer:

ASB, Stone:

ASB, Other Make/China:

NSH, Breyer:

NSH, Stone/Other Make/China:

TWH, Breyer:

MFT/Other Gaited, Breyer:

TWH/Other Gaited,Stone:

TWH/MFT/All other gaited, Other Make/China:

Gaited Breed Breyer Champion: 

Gaited Breed Breyer Reserve:

Gaited Breed Stone Champion:

Gaited Breed Stone Reserve:

Gaited Breed Other Make/China Ch:

Gaited Breed Other Make/China Reserve:

TB/SB, Breyer:

TB/SB, Stone:

TB/SB, Other Make/China:

WB, Breyer - solid:

WB, Breyer - colored:

WB, Stone:

WB, Other Make/China:

Carriage Breeds, Breyer: 

Carriage Breeds, Stone/Other Make:

Other/mixed Sport Horse, Breyer:

Other/mixed Sport Horse, Stone:

Other/mixed Sport Horse, Other Make/China:

Sport Horse Breyer Champion:

Sport Horse Breyer Reserve:

Sport Horse Stone Champion:

Sport Horse Stone Reserve:

Sport Horse Stone Champion:

Sport Horse Other Make/China Champ:

Sport Horse Other Make/China: Reserve:

Stock Horse-solid, Breyer:

Stock Horse-solid, Stone:

Stock Horse-solid, Other Make/China:

Stock Horse-pinto, Breyer:

Stock Horse-pinto, Stone:

Stock Horse-pinto, Other Make/China:

Stock Horse-Appaloosa colored, Breyer:

Stock Horse-Appaloosa colored, Stone:

Stock Horse-Appaloosa colored, Other Make/China:

All Mustangs, Breyer:

All Mustangs, Stone:

All Mustangs, Other Make/China:

Stock Horse Breyer Champion:

Stock Horse Breyer Reserve:

Stock Horse Stone Champion: 

Stock Horse Stone Reserve: 

Stock Horse Other Make/China Champion: 

Stock Horse Other Make/China Reserve: 

Spanish non-gaited, Breyer:

Spanish non-gaited, Stone/Other Make/China:

Spanish gaited, Breyer:

Spanish gaited, Stone/Other Make/China:

Spanish Breed Breyer Champion: 

Spanish Breed Breyer Reserve:

Spanish Breed Stone Champion:

Spanish Breed Stone Reserve:

Spanish Breed Other Make/China Ch:

Spanish Breed Other Make/China Reserve:

All Draft feathered, Breyer:

All Draft feathered, Stone:

All Draft feathered, Other Make/China:

All Draft non-feathered, Breyer:

All Draft non-feathered, Stone:

All Draft non-feathered, Other Make/China:

Draft Breed Breyer Champion: 

Draft Breed Breyer Reserve:

Draft Breed Stone Champion:

Draft Breed Stone Reserve:

Draft Breed Other Make/China Ch:

Draft Breed Other Make/China Reserve:

Pony - American breeds, Breyer:

Pony - Other breeds, Breyer:

Pony - all breeds, Stone/Other Make/China:

Pony Breyer Champion: 

Pony Breyer Reserve:

Pony Stone Champion:

Pony Stone Reserve:

Pony Other Make/China Ch:

Pony Other Make/China Reserve:

Other Purebred, Breyer:

Other Pure/Mix, Stone:

Other Pure/Mix, Other Make/China:

Mixed breed, Breyer:

Longears, Breyer:

Longears, Stone/Other Make/China:

Exotic/wild breed, All Makes/China:

Other Breed Breyer Champion: 

Other Breed Breyer Reserve:

Other Breed Stone Champion:

Other Breed Stone Reserve:

Other Breed Other Make/China Ch:

Other Breed Other Make/China Reserve:

Decorator, All Makes:

Headstudy, All Makes:

Showmanship, Breyer:

Showmanship, Stone:

Showmanship, Other Make/China:

Liberty, Breyer:

Liberty, Stone:

Liberty, Other Make/China:

Halter - Breyer Grand Champion: 

Halter - Breyer Reserve Grand:

Halter - Stone Grand Champion: 

Halter - Stone Reserve Grand:

Halter - Other Make/China Grand Champion: 

Halter - Other Make/China Reserve Grand:


Light breed Foals, Breyer:

Light breed Foals, Stone:

Light breed Foals, Other Make/China:

Gaited & Spanish Foals, Breyer:

Gaited & Spanish Foals, Stone/Other Make/China:

Spanish Breed Foals, Stone/Other Make:

Sport Breed/Carriage Breed Foals, Breyer:

Sport Breed/Carriage Breed Foals, Stone/Other Make/China:

Stock Breed Foals, Breyer:

Stock Breed Foals, Stone:

Stock Breed Foals, Other Make/China:

Draft & Pony Foals, Breyer:

Draft & Pony Foals, Stone/Other Make/China:

Other Pure/Mixed/Longear/Exotic Foals, Breyer:

Other Pure/Mixed/Longear/Exotic Foals, Stone/ Other Make/China:

Foal - Breyer Champion:

Foal - Breyer Reserve: 

Foal - Stone Champion:

Foal - Stone Reserve:

Foal - Other Make/China Champion:

Foal - Other Make/China Reserve:


Western Pleasure:

Cutting/ Roping:

Western Trail:

Western Games:

Other Western:

Western Perf Champion:

Western Perf Reserve:

English Pleasure:

English Trail:

Over Fences- Jumpers:

Over Fences-Hunters/other:

Saddleseat – Park:

Other English:

English Perf Champion
English Perf Reserve:

Park & Pleasure Harness:

Other Harness:

Arabian Costume:

Other Costume:

Other Performance:

Other Perf Champion:

Other Perf Reserve:

Anything Goes:


Performance - Champion:

Performance - Reserve Champ:

If the Performance division has enough entries and the judge wants to list Breyer, Stone and Other Make/China champions, go for it!