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The classlist platform, Fotki, is easy to use, and it’s simple to replace a photo or edit information.  When judging, you can easily scroll through all photos in a class.  In addition, an individual folder is provided for you where you can save all your show photos if you wish.  

Models with molded-on bridles may show in Halter; models with any other molded-on tack may show only in Performance. You may show any model with a bridle or halter, suitable to the breed, but that is optional; bridles are not required in the Halter classes.  For Performance, doll handlers and vehicles are not required and not prohibited.  

If you have a doll or vehicle, great!  If you don't, that's okay too.

Foals show in their own separate Foal Division; they do not enter the regular Halter Division.  There is no age cut-off; if your model looks more like an adult than a foal, enter it in the regular division.

The maximum photo size is 600 pixels wide, if your photos are smaller, that works fine too.  Please label your photos with your initials first, followed by the model’s name, then color/breed/gender.   Age is not necessary.   You can enter like this:

     AJX:  Duncan Donut, red dun QH gelding or

     AJX, Holy Moley – palomino Saddlebred mare

There are no rules; just have the necessary information in that order please. You can enter the color/breed/gender info on either the Title line or the description line.  As long as you have the info there somewhere, it doesn’t matter.  If its obvious what color the model is, the color info isn't necessary.  Do include your full name somewhere also, please. Note that most judges will probably copy and paste your model's name label to the show results.

Your photos should be clear, well-lit and in focus, with all body parts showing (i.e. ears, tails, hooves not cut off).  You may angle your model however you wish, even upside down if that’s what you want.  Just guessing, it probably wont place, however – remember, judges must be able to clearly see your model.  Photos may have simple backdrops like a draped cloth; realistic backgrounds are not required.  Just be aware, one judge may not care, yet the next judge may always place realistic backgrounds over plain backdrops; this is left up to each judge’s preference.  There is no rule for this. 

There is a limit of 15 photos per class; please pick your favorite models.  We want to keep it fun for members to judge as well as show.  The class lineup may be adjusted as time goes on, depending on entries.  Nothing is set in stone (no pun intended) and unchangeable, except for Rules #1, #2 and #3, listed on the Judging in OFAM page.

Once you log into the club site on Fotki, you will see separate folders for each division.  Below the Halter Division is the folder "OFAM Stables".  When you join, there will be a folder created just for you with your stable name.  Click on that, then on the blue taskbar to the left, click on the label "Add Photos", which brings up a menu of Java programs to use.  See which works best for you; your director has to use the one at the bottom, loading each photo one at a time because my computer is stupid.  Once your photo is loaded to your stable folder, click "Edit" underneath the photo to check that the name and info is correct.  There also is a block to enter your copyright name; if you use that, click under Creative Commons License, "disable".  If you want to use this tool, each time you copy that photo it must be done again on the new copy.

You can then copy each photo to the appropriate class.  Pick your first photo and click the tiny 'Edit' box - you need the checkmark to appear.  Then go to the blue taskbar and click on "Copy selected to".  A list of all classes will come up, simply select your class and click OK.  As soon as it completes, you can click to return to your original folder or click to the folder you just copied to.  You can select as many photos to copy to the same class as you wish, just by check-marking the Edit box, but only on one page at a time.  After entering a bunch, you will want to check the class to make sure all your models are in the right class, with no duplicates.  Also, you don't need to load all photos for your entire stable before entering classes.  If you want, you can organize your photos by make or by group, simply by adding a letter before the name.  Example, all chinas could be c AJX: Duncan Donut, red dun QH gelding; all your Breyers could be 'b' and so forth.   On the blue taskbar, click on 'Rearrange' to put them in alpha order.  You can change an entire page by clicking on 'Bulk Edit' then scrolling through the photos to make your changes.  At the last one, click on the 'Save' box on the left.  Just remember to delete your organizing info on the photo entered in the class. 

Many of the classes have 'These Breeds Here' listed in the header.  If your breed isn't shown, you can post a query 

on the OFAM board.  Easier yet, use your best judgment and place the entry going by body type.  And judges, please judge the model where it's entered.  OFAM'S director will be in the class folders as much as anyone; if I find your model entered by mistake in the wrong class, I'll move it and let you know.  A model entered in the wrong class is like a 2 on the scale of 1 to 10: no big deal.  There's only one item in OFAM that is a Big Deal - Rule #3 on the Judging page.

Are your photos too big?  Try this online program to resize and crop photos:   http://webresizer.com/resizer/  (or copy & paste).  This program is usable from the get-go - no downloading any files or programs.  You just load your photo then go to work.  To get started, click on Choose File then Upload File.  Once it comes up, you make your changes, click Apply Changes, then save it by clicking on Download.  You can also use it to sharpen the quality.  Just don't go crazy with your editing or enhancing the color - you want it to look natural.

If you have problems with this program, please contact me; I'll be glad to help.


So here's detailed information about what can show here: Breyer and Stone plastics, China and porcelain models.  No resins or cold-cast porcelains, sorry. See information below:

Porcelain (eligible):
 A hard, fine-grained, sonorous, nonporous, and usually translucent and white ceramic ware that consists essentially of kaolin, quartz, and a feldspathic rock and is fired at a high temperature —called also hard-paste porcelain, true porcelain. 

Cold-Cast Porcelain (NOT eligible):
 It is the process of adding porcelain dust to resin in order to make "cold-cast porcelain" sculptures.

Bone China (eligible):
Translucent white china made with bone ash or calcium phosphate and characterized by whiteness.

If you lightly thump porcelain/bone china it can have a ring to it, if you thump cold-cast porcelain it can have a slight ring sometimes but has a more solid sound; if you thump resin it makes a solid 'thunk'.

Please review the lists below. What happens if someone slips up and enters a cold-cast porcelain by mistake?  We’ll correct it when we see it and like everything else, it’s no big deal. If you’re not sure about a particular model, please feel free to ask.

Breyer Chinas (eligible):

Adriano (bay Spanish Barb)

Afire at Night 

Arabian Mare White, in costume (Premier)

Arabian Black, in costume

ASB #711512 (SM)



Circus Ponies (White and Palomino versions)

Dances with Wolves
Dixieland Grand 


Esprit: Commemorative Black

Expensive Hobby 



Galway Warrior



Great Horse In Armor, the

Hildalgo (SM)

Household Cavalry Drum Horse


Moritz (Othello) 


Party Time Shire (Grey)

Poco Lena

QH Xmas Ornament, 2006

Rain #8201

Rain #8203

Rising Sun  

Spanish Barb (Grullo)
Saddlebred in Parade Costume

Shire (Bay) 

Si-Ce-Ca Shon’ge (Indian Pony)

Sir Buckingham

Spirit #8200
Spirit #8202
Trigger & Roy
Young Spirit

Breyer Resin or Cold Cast Porcelain (NOT ELIGIBLE):
All “Breeds of the World” (LB sized)


Black Beauty #711152


Equine Art Collection

Fashionably Late 


Huckleberry Bey Piper 

Prince Charming

Obvious Flair
Old Friends Bull in the Heather 


Silver Lining

Sorcerers Apprentice
Spotted Bear 

The Poet (Othello) 

Totillas (LB-sized like BofW) 

This list of Breyers is always a work in progress. Please let us know if you think something should be added to the Eligibility List.

Other Resin or Cold Cast Porcelain Companies, NOT ELIGIBLE:
American Artist

Animal Artistry resins (also makes porcelain/bone china that is eligible)

BHR Resins (Black Horse Ranch)
Border Fine Arts (BFA)


Conversation Concepts


Country Artists


Hartland Collectables resins 

Horse Power Graphics (made by Sheryl Leisure) 

Horsing Around resins (also makes porcelain/bone china that is eligible)


Peter Stone resins 


Sherritt & Simpson
Starlite Creations
United Designs