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Welcome to OFAM: Original Finish, All Makes - an online photo show club for OF models of all sizes!

This is an online show club with Halter and Performance classes for OF major brands, and it is different from most clubs - it is for showing in a relaxed, friendly arena and a throwback to the earlier days of this hobby.  

Please read ALL the information before asking to join.  If winning is Everything to you and the most important reason why you show, this maybe isn't the right club for you; there are several really good clubs with extensive classlists and year-end awards that you would probably like better.

International hobbyists, you are very welcome here.  Newcomers to the hobby are especially welcome; this is a safe, non-judgmental place to have fun learning to show and judge, and to learn about various equine subjects while meeting new friends.

OFAM is for these Factory-finish Plastics and Chinas:
   * Breyers:  Trad, Classic, LB, SM.
   * Stone: Trad, Pebbles, Chips.
   * Copperfox (plastic only).
   * Hartland: all sizes.
   * Collecta: all sizes.
   * Chinas: mass-produced only; ceramic, bone china & porcelain, including Breyer.

These are NOT eligible: 
   x  Breyer mini-whinnies, Pony Gals or similar toy models.
   x  Breyer or Stone resins.
   x  North Light, BHR, Sandicast, Corlett resins or similar pieces.
   x  Blue Ribbon, Best Talking Horse, Hong Kong knockoffs and such.
   x  Custom-glazed Chinas from any company or venue.
   x  Schleich, Papo, Bullyland and similar.

We have a regular monthly show with Halter & Performance divisions. The Halter show includes separate classes for Breyers, Stones, Chinas and Other Makes, as well as Minis and Foals. The classlist has been carefully thought out to be fun to show, yet still manageable and fun to judge.  Judging is split by divisions and with an automatic format, it goes quickly and easy to handle. There is also a Fun Show division with color classes.  Anybody can pick these up to judge, one or two or the entire division.  Small and easy to judge, these classes are perfect for beginners to learn and get comfortable with judging, yet fun for advanced hobbyists too.  

This club is set up strictly for light-hearted, laid-back fun with showing models.  If you insist on having Perfect Realism, you may not enjoy OFAM. 
Please be aware that nitpicking or DQs are not allowed.  OFAM is for fun, not drama and stress.  Most of us get enough of that in Real Life.  Members who are disrespectful or disruptive will find their membership quickly cancelled.   

There is a monthly email newsletter that includes breed profiles, tidbits of hobby information, and lots of photos.  Past newsletters are kept on file here.

As well as the Halter and Performance classes, there is another folder, “Sales Corral” for OF Models and any Tack/Accessories for anything related to showing.  Be sure to include a price and your email address.  If something sells, please remember to delete your listing so the folder stays current.

Members should feel free to ask for suggestions or advice on improving photos, questions about breed assignment 

or whatever. When you are trying to learn, no question is dumb; every one of us was a beginner at one time. Novices and newcomers can feel safe here with their questions and mistakes in a non-judgmental environment.  This is where you can learn the details of showing in a fun, relaxed and friendly place.  Everyone makes occasional mistakes - and it's okay!  

Yearly dues are $7 and that does not include an all-expenses paid vacation - just your membership to a show club with fun and style.  Please email with any questions, concerns or quotes.

Director:  Terri Lyons Warehime  click here: [email protected]  (or copy & paste).