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Welcome to OFAM: Original Finish, All Makes - an online photo show club for OF models of all sizes!

This is an online show club with Halter and Performance classes for OF major brands, and it is different from most clubs - it is for showing in a relaxed, friendly arena and a throwback to the earlier days of this hobby.  

Please read ALL the information before asking to join.  If winning is Everything to you and the most important reason why you show, this probably isn't the right club for you; there are several really good clubs with extensive classlists and year-end awards that you would probably like better.

International hobbyists, you are very welcome here.

OFAM is for these Factory-finish Plastics and Chinas:
   * Breyers:  Trad, Classic, LB, SM.
   * Stone: Trad, Pebbles, Chips.
   * Copperfox from UK (plastic only).
   * Hartland: all sizes.
   * Collecta: all sizes.
   * Chinas: mass-produced only; ceramic, bone china & porcelain, including Breyer.

These are NOT eligible: 
   x  Breyer mini-whinnys, Pony Gals or similar toy models.
   x  Breyer or Stone resins.
   x  North Light, BHR, Sandicast, Corlett resins or any similar pieces.
   x  Blue Ribbon, Best Talking Horse, Hong Kong knockoffs and such.
   x  Custom-glazed Chinas from any company or venue.
   x  Schleich, Papo, Bullyland and similar.

Please don't write to ask to have this or that added.  As much as I'd like to include them all, the classlist has been carefully thought out to be fun to show in - yet still manageable and fun to judge.  There are also Fun Shows each month with a breed theme and more specialized classes.  Smaller & easy to judge, they are perfect for beginners to learn and get comfortable with judging, yet fun for advanced hobbyists too.

This club is set up strictly for light-hearted, laid-back fun with showing models.  If you are a die-hard Realistic Perfectionist striving for the ultimate perfect realism and for whom winning is All-Important, OFAM probably is not the right club for you.  Newcomers are very welcome - in fact OFAM was designed with you in mind - and veterans will find a lot to like, too.  

Please know that any b*tching or nitpicking is kindly not allowed.  Members who are disrespectful or cause problems will find their membership cancelled.  I am very serious about this, and there are no second chances. That behavior will not be tolerated.  OFAM is for fun, not drama and stress.

The classlist platform is easy to use, and it’s simple to replace a photo or edit information.  When judging, you can easily scroll through all photos in a class.  In addition, an individual folder is provided for you where you can stash all your show photos if you wish.

We have a monthly newsletter sent by email to include show results, a Q&A column for which members are encouraged to send questions, breed profiles, Member Profiles and lots of photos.  It makes showing more fun when you know a little about your fellow members.  If you have any suggestions for the newsletter, please feel free to share.

OFAM does not use points because the director is unabashedly lazy.  A year-end championship show is held in January. Members don’t need to do anything; champions from each monthly show will automatically be entered in the Championship show folders, awaiting final judging in January and the announcement of Breyer, Stone, Other Make/China, and Foal Champions for the year.  No prizes, no points – just fun with friends, which is even better.

As well as the Halter and Performance classes, there is another folder, “Sales Corral”.  Please feel free to use them for OF Models and any Tack/Accessories for anything related to showing.  Be sure to include a price and your email address.  If something sells, Yay! - and please remember to delete your listing so the folder stays current.

Members should feel free to ask for suggestions or advice on improving photos, questions about breed assignment or whatever.  When you are trying to learn, no question is dumb; every one of us was a beginner at one time.  Novices and newcomers can feel safe here with their questions and mistakes in a non-judgmental environment.  If you don’t ask, how are you going to find out?  And everyone makes occasional mistakes - so what?  Life goes on.  This is where you can learn the details of showing in a fun, relaxed and friendly place. 

Yearly dues are $7 and sadly that does not include an all-expenses paid vacation - just your membership to a show club with fun and style.  Please email with any questions, concerns or quotes.

Director:  Terri Lyons Warehime, at  [email protected]  (or copy & paste).